Friday, February 5, 2010

Credit Report For Married Couples

Many people falsely believe that marriage will impact their credit score. This is simply not true, however your choices of how you hold title or open accounts can. Hey wait you just wrote that it doesn't and now you're saying it does. Yes there is a bit of grey area here. We will discuss it in more detail.

It's Not In My Name

If your credit cards, cars, house loans, and all other accounts are separate then your individual actions will only reflect on your credit reports respectively. Basically you both have individual credit reports there is no such thing as a joint credit report. The only way that your credit is impacted by any other individual is if you have an account with them and either of you default on it. This means that if you and your spouse have a car loan and it doesn't get paid you both will get dinged.

What Happens If We Apply For A Loan Together

When you try for any loan together the creditor will evaluate both of your credit reports and if you both sign up for the loan then you are both liable.

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